The Circulation of Water Fountain Industrial Knowledge in Europe

Dissiminating useful hydraulic knowledge and water feature design ideas all through Europe was accomplished with the printed documents and illustrated books of the time. An un-named French water feature developer was an internationally celebrated hydraulic innovator in the late 1500's. With imperial commissions in Brussels, London and Germany, he began his work in Italy, building knowledge in garden design and grottoes with incorporated and ingenious water hydraulics. In France, near the closure of his lifetime, he penned “The Principle of Moving Forces”, a book that became the primary text on hydraulic mechanics and engineering. Classical antiquity hydraulic advancements were outlined as well as updates to key classical antiquity hydraulic breakthroughs in the publication. Archimedes, the inventor of the water screw, had his work showcased and these integrated a mechanized means to move water. Sunlight heating water in a couple of vessels hidden in a room next to an beautiful fountain was presented in one illustration. Actuating the water fountain is hot liquid which expands and rises to close up the pipes. Pumps, water wheels, water features and garden pond designs are documented visit homepage in the book.

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